Martina has been a Pastry Chef and Cake Designer for the past ten years in New York City. Born and raised in Rome, Italy, her passion for both food and art stems from her heritage. Her grandmother taught her to appreciate the simplicity of Italian cuisine, its flavors, and the cultural value associated with it. Her mother – a graphic designer and illustrator – has played a major influence encouraging her to apply creativity towards her cakes making them true works of art.

Upon receiving her BA in Psychology from the New School, she began her studies of the Culinary Arts at the Institute of Culinary Education and finished her studies with a degree in Cake Designs and Techniques at The French Culinary Institute in NYC.  After working in several kitchen settings throughout Manhattan, Martina launched Sugar Sketch in 2013.  

Martina’s work aims at combining Italian traditional flavor profiles with modern American designs using the best quality ingredients to create something memorable that is both beautiful and tasteful.

Sugar Sketch… a sketch from scratch!